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How to Get Real Estate Leads

Getting Real Estate Leads

When it comes to getting leads for your real estate business there is one thought I would like to get through to you. "How you think about yourself determines what you do and what you do affects how others respond to you."  If you want different results from your marketing (i.e. you want to get more leads and get them faster) then something has to change.  If you will think about yourself differently you will act differently and others will respond to you differently.

How should you think differently when it comes to managing your real estate business? 

Well, first you need to recognize this truth.

You are not a Real Estate Agent or a Real Estate Broker or a Branch Manager or a Company Owner, at least, not primarily.  First and foremost you must be a Marketer.

No agent gets paid more for knowing the nine type of liens that can encumber a property or being able to recite the theories of mortgage law.  You don't get paid more for having better organized files or calculating seller proceeds down to the penny. 

Granted all these things are important , however, the fact of the matter is this.  You get paid more for one and one thing only.  Selling more real estate and too sell more you need more leads.

The old book title "Nothing Happens Till Somebody Sells Something" says it all.  This is the reason most real estate agents fail.

They don't realize that their job is not really the service they provide.  Their real job is to market or set up the marketing for the service they provide along with all the other functions of the business.

They wander along thinking that if they just provide really great service or know all the little ins and outs of specific transactions they will be successful.  They think that some magic force will somehow bring prospects into their front doors by osmosis.

Even though knowing the business and providing great service is extremely important there is a real problem with that thinking.

How can you do a great job when you have nobody to do it for?

Everything starts with marketing and marketing starts with lead generation.

Maybe, if you are the company owner or the office manager, you already have a sense for this.  You realize that there are different positions that have to be filled and different hats that have to be worn.

But what if you are just an agent or a one-person company?

Sorry, the rules of business don't change for you just because you are working on your own.  There are still all the roles to be filled in your business as there are in any other business.

That's the problem with most real estate agents.  They don't act like businesses.  They act like sales people.  And get paid like most sales people too, rather than like a business.

So, the first step in getting more real estate leads is to change your mind set.  Start thinking of yourself as a marketer first, and start thinking like a marketer.   If your marketing education hasn't already started, it must begin now and continue throughout your career.

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